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Welcome to my web site. Here you will find a brief outline of the major research projects my students and I are involved in, along with other bits of interesting information.   

My research falls into two main categories: 1) the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem services and the contribution of services to human well-being; and 2) the implications of socio-economic and human demographic change for biodiversity conservation in urban and rural landscapes.  

Contact me if you require further details on any project or are interested in conducting research on related topics. I try to keep myself busy, but always have time to chat about research.

My current position is Professor in Ecology and Interdisciplinary Science, and Principal Researcher in the Institute for Land, Water and Society at Charles Sturt University. I have just completed an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship and over the last 4 years have been a visiting Professor and Researcher at The Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, University of British Columbia, The Center for Conservation Biology, Stanford University, and The Ecology Centre, The University of Queensland.

I sit on the Editorial Boards for the journals Faculty1000 Research and Nature Conservation, and am the Chair of the Editorial Board for the journal Ecological Management and Restoration


Latest news

Recent publications  

Watson, S., Luck, G.W., Spooner, P. & Watson, D. (In press) Deconstructing human-induced land-cover change: incorporating the interacting effects of frequency, sequence, time-span and magnitude of changes on biota. Front. Ecol. Env. 

 Luck, G.W., Spooner, P.G., Watson, D.M., Watson, S.J. & Saunders, M.E. 2014. Interactions between almond plantations and native ecosystems: lessons learned from north-western Victoria. Ecol. Manage. Restor. 15, 4-15. 

Luck, G.W. 2013. The net return from animal activity in agro-ecosystems: trading off benefits from ecosystem services against costs from crop damage. F1000 Research 2:239 Full Text

Saunders, M.E., Luck, G.W. & Mayfield, M.M. 2013. Almond orchards with living ground cover host more wild insect pollinators. J. Insect Conserv. 17, 1011-25. 

Luck, G.W., Triplett, S. & Spooner, P. 2013. Bird use of almond plantations: implications for production and conservation. Wild. Res. 40, 523-35. 


New Book! - Demographic change in Australia's Rural Landscapes: Implications for Society and the Environment.

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